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Millions do not have the skills or confidence to manage their money


Our survey of 1,000 UK adults reveals that far too many people were not taught about money growing up. Now, it's having a serious impact on their wellbeing and their wallets. 

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Of adults do not have the basic knowledge to make the most of their money


Never or rarely save


Rely on credit cards to increase their monthly budget

Better financial education means more confident, happier and less anxious staff

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Poor financial literacy in the UK means millions struggle to save and over-rely on credit — which affects our mental health and wellbeing


worry so much about money that they have sleepless nights


of women are likely to regularly worry about their finances - versus 29% of men

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Understand how poor financial literacy is affecting UK adults


Learn more about how our early experiences with money — from pocket money to how it was discussed in the home to our first jobs — impact financial literacy in later life.


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