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The Claro Wellbeing 2024 Financial Wellbeing Calendar


If you're shaping your financial wellbeing programme for 2024, use Claro Wellbeing's calendar to keep on top of all the important personal finance dates – as compiled by our financial experts.

Get your financial calendar

Don't miss any important dates in 2024's financial calendar.

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Make 2024 a happy and financially healthy new year for your people

Get Claro Wellbeing's personal finance calendar and mark all the key financial dates of 2024.

Use the calendar to help you:

  • Plan relevant financial wellbeing initiatives throughout the year
  • Predict when your employees may be undergoing heightened financial stress
  • Understand how different cohorts of employees may be affected by changes in the economic climate

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Keep on top of the key financial dates of 2024

Download the financial wellbeing calendar today and get your planning in motion.