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Financial wellbeing and mental health


The less financially confident an employee feels, the worse their mental wellbeing is likely to be. Hear what almost 2,000 UK adults had to say about the link between their money and mental health.

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"Sharing our experience with someone we trust, or speaking to a professional in confidence, can help us work through the emotional side of financial loss."

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In charge of supporting employee mental wellbeing? It pays to look after employee financial wellbeing too. Here's why.


Key findings include:

  • The more financially confident you are, the better your mental wellbeing is likely to be
  • We feel financial loss more than we appreciate financial gain
  • A high income is no protection against poor mental wellbeing
  • Many UK adults don’t have a good understanding of basic financial principles. For example, 64% don’t understand the impact of inflation on their money
  • The UK lags behind other countries when it comes to financial literacy levels (our average scores are 12% lower than France)

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