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Claro via WhatsApp: how it works


In this on-demand webinar, discover Claro via WhatsApp: what it includes, how it works, and how your employees are onboarded.


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Alex Ford

Cofounder and CMO


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Moira O'Neill, Financial Times, 2023



Get an overview of Claro Wellbeing's WhatsApp financial wellbeing solution.

In this on-demand webinar, Claro Wellbeing's Cofounder and CMO Alex Ford covers:

  • What Claro via WhatsApp is
  • How you can onboard your employees to the solution
  • How Claro via WhatsApp works
  • What your employees get access to when you enrol them in Claro via WhatsApp


Claro via WhatsApp is Claro Wellbeing's new flagship service that helps you support the financial health of your deskless workers.

With Claro, you can reduce employee financial stress, increase pension uptake and keep engagement high.

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Have employees who don't work at desks?


Discover how Claro via WhatsApp can help you support their personal finances.

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